Imposter Syndrome Awareness Day Saturday 13 April 2024

Sponsor International Imposter Syndrome Awareness Day 2024

Help us to create the largest resource for confidence creation in the world. Our goal is to help millions of people break free and flip the script of their feelings of imposter syndrome.

What is the aim of IISAD 2024?

The aim of International Imposter Syndrome Awareness Day 2024 is to raise awareness of the phenomenon of imposter syndrome, to open up the conversation to provide much support and resources.

Our goals and objectives

  1. Raise funds from key sponsors and partners to create the largest confidence building library in the world that is dedicated to flipping the script on imposter syndrome.
  2. Embrace the latest AI technologies to provide a truly transformational, immersive and interactive platform.
  3. Be able to bring in more high-profile speakers to attract a bigger and wider audience to the awareness day.
  1. Implement an interactive web app/chatbot as well as ongoing content, resources and videos on our website

We are seeking sponsorship to be able to provide the following on the day:

  • To be able to pay for big-name headline speakers.
  • Promotion of the day to a much wider audience through Google ads/PPC to maximise event attendance.
  • To engage a PR company to help us with traditional and digital PR in terms of securing interviews, podcast guest appearances and coverage for the day.
  • To have a robust events platform to deliver virtual and online events on the day such as Hopin.
  • To be able to host at least one in-person networking event with speakers.
  • To have some eye-catching graphics and visuals created to help promote the day.

The sponsorship levels we are seeking include:

Bronze – £5,000
Silver – £10,000
Gold – £20,000
Platinum/Headline Sponsor – £30,000

Organisations can also support us by signing up to our Patreaon account and pledging a monthly fee that will go towards the above.

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