IISAD or International Imposter/Impostor Awareness Day (IISAD) was launched on April 13th 2021 by Lisa Ventura, Nat Schooler and Kim-Adele in response to the rising number of people impacted by Imposter/Impostor Syndrome, to empower people to learn more about the phenomenon and to provide free resources and support.

It was so successful that is now an annual event, raising awareness and providing support to help people overcome their inner critic.

International Imposter Syndrome Awareness Day 2021, International Impostor Syndrome Awareness Day 2021

About Our Founders

Lisa Ventura

Lisa Ventura

Lisa Ventura is an award-winning cyber security expert, a role model for women and a neurodiverse leader. Lisa has broken down barriers throughout her career, to pursue her passion for cyber security. With over 20 years of experience as an authority in her field, ensuring she is one of the most sought-after experts.

Nat Schooler

Nat Schooler

Nat Schooler is co-founder of MasterMindSet – A New Leadership Foundation and a Futuristic Podcast Host, Entrepreneur & Trusted Advisor. Nat believes that people need to be empowered to create their own success by overcoming obstacles and designing their lives for personal or business success. 


Kim-Adele Platts

Kim-Adele is co-founder of MasterMindSet. A renowned master coach, Int. bestselling author and speaker, face whisperer, and authority on Imposter Syndrome and how to overcome it. With over 25 years in the corporate world, she helps others achieve sustainable transformation for professional and personal success.

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