Overcome Your Imposter Syndrome: To Create Massive Career Success

Overcome your imposter syndrome: to create massive career success is something Melissa Sassi – Chief Penguin, Entrepreneur & Student Experience at IBM knows a lot about.

Nat Schooler and Experienced Business Leadership Coach And CEO Kim-Adele discussed in more depth this important topic. In this episode Melissa explains her problem with imposter syndrome despite massive success in her career.

People paid attention and this was a good sign for Melissa and the success of
her talk. She had ministers approach her and say how amazing her talk was.

They asked her how they could work with her and the secret sauce she has made this happen her superpower was key to this.

Being loud and proud, she wasn’t an imposter on that stage despite her feeling like that at the beginning.

If you want to get Mel then find her on all social media channels as Melissa Sassi – Chief Penguin at IBM.


If you would like to dig deeper into this topic here is a great resource: Overcoming Impostor Syndrome at Work To Support A Winning Culture