How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome: Learning From Trauma To Find Your Happy

How To Overcome Impostor Syndrome is something we discussed with Kristina Libby the Chief Science Officer at Hypergiant, founder of the Floral Heart Project, an artist and writer.

Kristina recovered from a traumatic brain injury after landing on her head when kite surfing.

Many lessons and blessings have occured since. Kristina shares her philosophy to life with Kim-Adele and I and how she has become truly happy.

She has launched the floral heart project which has become a wonderful movement within many of the cities within the United States.

Despite not being able to stop herself from buying practically an entire store of art materials, she has managed to move forward to become happier in life.

kristina libby
Kristina Libby

Stopping the headaches her brain injury caused was a real moment of joy. Creative expression from her art has changed the way her brain works and now she has an art studio.

Kristina tells us how she managed to move forward to learn how to paint again and why she started this amazing floral heart project. Making art has now become such a lovely pleasure to her and has now given people something else to think about despite the doom and gloom.

Kristina’s sadness has now managed to bring so much happiness to people and touched a lot of hearts. Changing people’s days has now become part of her life. She has coordinated hundreds and hundreds of volunteers to move the hearts of many.

Connecting her closely to her community has brought her so much love. She has become so much more proud of the country she lives in.

It is shocking how our lives can change due to trauma and how we can completely change as people. If you care to investigate the trauma in our lives it can be transformational.

Kristina Libby

When we are living the trauma we can’t see the wood from the trees, once it is over however it shapes our lives. We have embedded our I am statements when we are young and once we challenge these statements we can change our lives.

Kristina was reminded of the joy in her life that could be derived from painting. Kristina doesn’t feel proud she feels humble and made the hearts initially to be made from her disappointment.

People lacked an idea on how to show their sadness and in giving the idea to people she feels so wrong, she had such a picture that people weren’t doing this and she is so grateful she has created this idea that brings joy.

For her watching what professional florists do to create these other amazing hearts to celebrated the lives of the people who were lost.

So much of who we want to be gets hidden by these narratives that we tell ourselves within the world. Being caught up in the tech world and framing ourselves as someone else and remembering what our 7-8 year old child would like to do.

She is on a journey with herself to answer questions and these questions that she asked herself as a child has changed how she thinks about the narratives that have spent so long defining her world.

Kristina sometimes feels really comfortable within her life and recounts when she worked at Microsoft and couldn’t do all the huge ideas where she felt creative and felt fulfilled and joyful. She has been feeling so joyous getting lost in the floral heart project and it seems so true to who she is.

She is enjoying being called an artist and living her dream, doing the thing in life she is meant to do. Yesterday she explained was a real moment understanding the happiest moment of her life, feeling alive.

We actually fear that we may be really good at something and when we are using our natural talent we enjoy life and being passionately curious is where we find our light and our joy.

Helping people to reach in and embrace the inner child. Holding them by the hand and teaching people how to talk to themselves is key.

“To Be Kind, To Stay Curious and Believe, Because You are Proof Miracles Happen. We are all Proof Miracles Happen.”

This brings us joy, do the thing that makes our soul sing.


Kristina also Mentioned “People all think they have the right idea.”

Sara Seaga Mit

The floral heart project has been so amazing for people to be able to grieve for the people who have passed away due to the pandemic.

Deep down in our core we want to be connected to these amazing people. People don’t seem to want to connect to community and
believing in it and the support is such a great thing in life.

We have forgotten how to get there. The one thing that connects us all is the stories and the way we learn through them. People just want to see how this is brought to life.

Kristina is bridging the communication gap and uniting society together, she has been on a deep exploration into religion and has been studying it and is considering delving deeper into clerical studies.

Kristina also discusses cancel culture and how there are people outside of the community due to this phenomenon.
How do you emotionally reconcile our society is a question she asks herself.

So she is thinking about how people navigate this social heaviness and fear we are all feeling and how confused she was that she had a lot of grief from creating the heart to represent black lives matter.

People are lacking encouragement in society and this leads to imposter syndrome for people. People are obsessed with having a massive purpose and how your purpose may be just to put a heart on a grave.

Lack of encouragement for people is the major issue in society, all the people that Kristina has been working with just needed some encouragement to lay the floral hearts.

We also discussed rebuilding our lives and how to deal with the things that didn’t go well in our lives and realising that you got in your own way is key.

Helping people to understand what we did in our past was in our past and we can give ourselves permission to do this.


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